Dust Wasteland Survival Roblox

Playing:1,5k, Genre:Adventure, Max Players:10, This game does not support Private Servers. Survive in the fictional wasteland of Arizona and Nevada.

Game Tags: Dust Wasteland, Survival Roblox, Fighting

Dust Wasteland Survival Roblox

Dust Wasteland Survival Game. No have Private Server

WARNING the game is still in PRE ALPHA and many features AREN'T FINISHED and you could encounter BUGS.

//Keybinds// (customizable keybinds could come in the future)
right ctrl - change chat channel
left ctrl - crouch
c - toggle crouch
shift - sprint
tab - inventory
z+LMB or ctrl+LMB - auto loot
f - inspect item
b - building menu
v - upgrading menu/extended object interaction menu
n - toggle visor
m - show map

1. When building your base you need a basic workbench for it not to slowly break away. You must also visit your base once in a while to reset the timer for decay, it depends on how high your base level is.

2. Doors and chests are automatically locked when placed, to allow other people to access your stuff you must invite them into your clan.

3. Full bar of base indicator means 4 days of anti decay