How to Play Minecraft Free? Minecraft Free Download

In our article on how to play Minecraft for free, we tried to show you how you can do this in a few steps. By making Minecraft free download process, you can immediately realize your dream of playing Minecraft free.

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How to Play Minecraft Free? Minecraft Free Download

In our article titled How to play Minecraft for free, the sandbox game Minecraft developed by Mojang and continues to be played by tens of millions, we tried to show you how you can do this in a few steps.

Minecraft was a game that Markus Alexej "Notch" Persson developed alone. Persson, who started the game to learn new things, probably could not guess that he would come this far in the early days of the game. The game, which took a rapid rise after launching Minecraft in 201, turned into a complete phenomenon until it was purchased by Microsoft in 2014. For this reason alone, Microsoft agreed to pay $ 2.5 billion to Minecraft.

Evolving from a production developed by one person to a video game with hundreds of millions of players, Minecraft was sold for a fee. Despite this, the question of how to play Minecraft for free was also among the questions asked. In this article, we will look for the answer to the question of how to play Minecraft free in steps.

What to do to play Minecraft free?

There are a few different ways you can play the game named Minecraft for free. To take a look at these, you can follow the steps below and get the free Minecraft version.

Our first step will be to download Minecraft. We can download Minecraft using the link address in the title above. To do this, we first click on the Minecraft download article. Then we press the green download button on the left side of the screen that appears. After pressing this button, a setup file will appear.

How to install Minecraft?

When we double click on the downloaded file, you will see that the installation file is opened. After clicking this file twice, we press the NEXT button under the program that appears. We continue to say NEXT until the installation process is finished.

Starting Minecraft

After the installation is completed, we press the MAGAZINE button on the bottom left of our computer screen and write Minecraft in the search section. Our computer will show us the application to launch Minecraft. We click twice on the Minecraft launch assistant, which has the box-shaped logo that appears.

Creating a Minecraft account

Creating a Minecraft account will be one of the first steps we will do. As soon as we click on the file that has finished its installation, it will request an account from us. We create our account using an email address we have not previously registered with Minecraft. Later, when we log in with this account, we will see the PLAY DEMO text. By pressing this, we are able to play Minecraft for free.