Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Guide

In this continuation of the Guardian of Light, Set, the evil god of Egypt, wants to enslave humanity. Lara Croft will not allow this with her state, and she does not. But of course he cannot do this alone. Treasure hunter Carter Bell and his friends get help.

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Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Guide

I just wrote the solution for the game. I didn't go into too much detail. Just puzzles and these puzzles have described the paths. It's up to you to kill incoming enemies. Also, travel all over the area and do research. Get Germs (Diamonds), weapons. Break all the cubes you see. and get the contents. It will be useful both to collect points and to improve character. I leave it up to you which weapon to use, which protector to use, where and what to use in the invertoriy.

Level 1: Pyramid of OsirisOverworld: Visit to the Shrine of Osiris.

After controlling the weapon and movement, go over the bridge. Go up the raised cube steps, shoot the sphere and open the door.

Shoot at the eye that is shooting at you and turn its direction to the left. So the stakes will go down. Pass through here and open all the pile passes by doing the same.

Go up from the rising press. Climb up the loop on the left wall. Press the step on the right and enter through the door that opens quickly. Kill the incoming scaffolders. Throw a rope at the loop on the opposite wall and cross over. Put a bomb on the mechanism that fires arrows and detonate.

Make your way through the broken platform.
Jump up from the ascending footsteps.

Move the luminous sphere. Take it down then push this sphere up the ladder. Snap it into the hourglass-shaped slot. Find the sphere on the right by pushing it and place it in its nest. Go through the urgent platform gate and over the bridge. After clearing the enemies, go up the ring on the right wall.

Drive over the broken bridge. You will encounter the first monster. This giant crocodile is chasing you. Run fast and steadily to the right to avoid getting caught. Trouble is not only that, but also that the bridge has to run very fast as it collapses. After all, you come to the wall end to end and save yourself from this scourge by throwing a rope on the ball.

Sorry that the giant crocodile couldn't swallow you, but nothing to do.
Enter through the door that opens.

Go down the stairs on the left with your friends. Listen to Set's speeches. Witness his treacherous smile. Following the instructions of Isis (wife of Osiris), proceed across the bridge on the left. Horus (son of Osiris) gives information about the temple you have just arrived, and then you meet the first Boss. Kill the bass and his helpers by shooting constantly so you find the first piece of Osiris. This is a chest.

Press the step in front of the statue so you indicate your direction and go through the door to get to the Tomb of Timekeepers.

Level 2: Tomb of the Timekeeper:

Go down the stairs. Find the clocked sphere. This sphere does not explode as long as you light a torch. When the torch is not lit, they explode. So you have to make the torch to activate it. This should not be forgotten. This information will be very useful to us. When it explodes, a new one falls from the sky from Allah.

Activate the sphere and throw it down. When you bring the torch downstairs in front of the door, the sphere explodes and the broken door opens.

Cross the pile by throwing a rope to the ring next to it. Cross the bridge, pull the piston rod below and go through the opening pile gate.

Pull the plunger rod to activate the ball before the plunger goes back and quickly climb the stairs to the front of the piled door.

Now come from above and pull the piston rod and pass the ball through the opening door. Let the sphere explode, let the door open.

Turn the handle inside clockwise. Three timed platforms will be opened. Jump through them without wasting time, and from the last one to the loop on the wall and climb up.

How is it getting hard, right? Keep left and avoid the stacked spheres. The set gets very broken into this.
Pull the piston rod on the left, jump right across the rising platform and take the Shootgun. You have to be quick here too. Otherwise, you will not be able to reach the opening door.

Continue right, throw a rope at the ring and climb up against it. Press the ground button, go through the opened door.
Activate the sphere below, push it to the edge of the wall, put a bomb under it, when the bomb explodes, the sphere will go up. Now go upstairs, take the sphere up the stairs, bring it to the doorway and explode. When the door opens, go inside. There is a bridge sliding under you ahead. You will arrange the sphere coming from above at such a time that the platform rising from the side falls on the bridge you are on and explodes here, as a result, the wall will collapse and you will climb up the stairs. The job does not end with this, scenes full of adrenaline are waiting for you.

Now you have to run quickly, without getting caught under the oncoming pile spheres and falling off the bridge.

After all, you take the hand of Osiris.

Arrive on the teleport and teleport to the Silversimth cemetery.

Level 3: Tomb of the Silversmith

Take the stairs. Activate the sphere, blast it in front of the door and go through the door. Continue up and press the step of the statue and it shows you the direction to go. If you enter through the right door, you will arrive at Challenge Tomb. Arrive in the cascading trap area. The places you will press on the right are obvious. When these 2 steps are pressed, the piles in the waterway are opened.

Proceed through the pool and climb the stairs to the right. Press the steps quickly again, the steps you will press are already clear. Otherwise, you will be shish kebab on piles.

Enter through the opening door and take the belt. Return exactly the way you came from and come to SilverSimth. Keep left and you've come to a difficult part.

Ascend to the superstructure of the luminous sphere. Kill enemies by jumping on spiky platforms that are intermittent.

It will be a little difficult but you can succeed.

As a result, the luminous orb guard explodes and the sphere is exposed. Push the globe in and put it in its slot to the right of the door.

Enter through the door that opens. Finish the section.

Level 4: Tomb of Khepri

Go 2 floors up the stairs. Get where there are 3 spheres. You will shoot these spheres in such a way that the direction of the fire will pass through three spheres and the sphere that will be reflected from 2 mirrors will explode. So the door will open. It happens with a little manual adjustment.

There are 2 globes and a mirror in the room you come from.

Move the mirror so its handle is slightly inclined to the left. Shoot the sphere in front. Let the fire reflect from the mirror and explode the second sphere. Go through the opening piled door.

Get enemies in the new room without getting into the stakes and reach the sphere behind. Push this and bring it over the step on the floor.

Go through the opened piled door. Take the Assult Rifle. Scavenge the incoming flaming knights and enemies.

Here, too, there is an ayana mechanism. Turn the right mirror, adjust the second mirror and shoot from the right of the 2nd mirror so that the fire explodes both spheres.

Go through the opened door and press the step on the ground. Move forward. You came to the boss. This is a giant snake.

It doesn't look like it will die so easily.

There are floor steps and mirrors on 4 sides. Bring the globe on the left to the ground step of the left mirror. When fired, the fire spheres reflected from the mirror will shatter. Each time the orb explodes, the snake loses a little more life. Move the sphere on the left to the left ground step and the mirror emerges. Now move the sphere on the left to the left step, and raise the mirror here. If you shoot from the front of the door, 3 more spheres are destroyed by the reflected fire and the snake loses a little more life. Bring one of the sphere to the rung in front of the door and bring the first sphere to the rung on the right. If you shoot now, the reflected fire will shatter all 4 spheres and the snake will die. The door will open. Go take Osiris's hand.
Come to the teleport and teleport to the Osiris Shrine.

Keep right, go over the broken bridge. Meet with your friends. Enter the underground cellar. On the instructions of the horos, turn the handle on the ground counterclockwise 2 times. You will then be instructed to return to the Tomb of Khepri. Move over the destroyed bridge and the door will open when you kill all the enemies.

Level 5: Tomb of the Ferryman:

Take care of the giant rat that is constantly walking and attaching on the globe.

What to do in this section

You will go to the Shrine of Osiris for the fourth time. You will pass the Waterfall of Sobek. You will reach the 3rd Challenge Bill.

Level 6: Tomb of the Lamplighter

Go down the stairs. A pillar rises near the torch on the right. Jump into this and jump left to the upper platform. Throw a rope on the ring and go up, light the torch and go to the upper section from the rising platform, if you touch the stakes, you die. Take the gun that throws grenades from the next room.

Cross the rising platform. Pull the piston rod and you quickly make 3 steps from the timed steps otherwise you will fall down from the closed steps and die. Climb up from the last one by throwing a rope at the loop. Go down and put a bomb in front of the mirror-like button and go up and detonate the bomb so the door will open and enter. Come close to the torch will be opened below and jump from here and go up the stairs. Come to the alligator pool and the cog wheels. There are puzzles to solve here. Kill the crocodiles first so they don't bother you. He changes the direction of the wheels when he shoots the right eye.

Come to the previous platform and fire the wheel, this fire will go away and it will make the 2nd wheel fire. If you shoot at this time, the wheel will turn over and carry the fire. So the forward torch will automatically light up and rise to a platform so jump across and collect the loot. Their torches will be fired near you. Clearing the lightning rhino and its enemies, the door will open. Enter here. Jump across, place a bomb under the stone sphere and detonate. Thus, the sphere will jump to the opposite collar. Come and put the globe on the step. Cross over and cross the rope, where the torch will appear close to the ring. Move forward, place the flashing globe in place. Go upstairs, jump across the piled side wall and detonate the sphere with fire.

Now go through the door that opens below and take the flashing globe up the stairs. Take it up from the ascending column and put a bomb under the sphere and detonate the sphere to jump across. Come, bring the sphere to the end of the platform, put a bomb under it, detonate it and make it jump across. Then come put this globe in the hut. Go through the door that opens. Come to the pool with alligators and wheels. There are 3 gears here. There is a puzzle we have to solve and be fast.

What we will do is; Igniting the torch of the far left wheel and that fire will ignite the other two wheels, and the last wheel will light the torch and the door will open.

Put a bomb under the sphere in the water and it will jump up. Come, place it on the step and bring it to work. Throw a rope at the ring and climb up.

There is a sphere there too. Take this sphere up the ladder and put it in the slot, then come and press the step button on the ground.

In the meantime, shoot the eye-shaped button below. When you shoot at the right angle, all 3 wheels will work in the right direction and ignite the last torch.

If you did everything right, 2 columns will rise as a result of the explosion. Just go over it.

A challenging run awaits you at the end of this challenging puzzle.

Now, when the pile gate opens, run to the left, because the platform below you collapses.
It is very difficult to pass in the first 1-2 times. Draw a route for yourself and follow this route, reach the end of the platform and climb to the stable ground. Enter through the opening door and take Osiris's feet. Finish the stage, come to the teleport and teleport.

Level 7: Oracle's Chamber

Go down the stairs and cross the long bridge and continue. At the end of the road, climb down and press the step under the statue. Oracle's Chamber will show you the direction to go. Jump to the side of the big wheel and when the wheel moves to the side, jump when it approaches the ground. Come and meet your friends.

The statue shows you the direction of where to go. Go up the stairs and go through the door and go down the stairs.

Bomb the eye formation on the left and detonate it so the fiery grids on the ground open. Go through here. Put a bomb in the right compartment and detonate and climb up the fiery grids on the wall will go out. Again, put a bomb in the eye and detonate it and proceed from the road.

The road ahead is blocked. Eye button shoot. Throw a rope into the ring. Slide down the side wall with a swinging motion. Go up and put a bomb in the eye and detonate a bridge opens below. Pass the burning sphere over this bridge. Lower it off the ladder and take it off again and bring it to the piled door. Put it in its nest and the door will open.

Detonate all eyes on the square with a bomb one by one. Finally, when they all explode, you reach Osiris's chest.

Turn back the way you came from. Go into the pool and swim across. Meet with your friends. Come to the Shrine of Osiris. Get inside the place like an amphitheater. Turn the top handle clockwise. Keep turning it will burst. Go down and turn the handle clockwise.

Level 8: Tomb of Sobek

The statue shows the direction to go to the Sopek pyramid when you press the step button.
Continue over the long bridge on the right and come to the end door. When you kill the brown monster, the door opens and go inside. Continue on the right and go through the opening door. You arrived at the Tomb of Sobek. Continue on the right to the puzzle area.

Jump over the rafts and get to the middle platform.

Meanwhile, the giant crocodile comes out of the water and swallows the hanger on the platform. Things to do are understood a little.

Place the spheres falling from above on the middle platform with a bomb and shoot at the eye on the platform. The hanger goes up. Meanwhile, the giant crocodile swallows this hanger and explodes inside the sphere. When the crocodile becomes semi-unconscious, get on it and put a bomb on the red part of his belly and detonate.

The crocodile dies when it rains 2-3 times in the same way. Climb the stairs to the tower rising from under the water. Get the head of Osiris.

Come to the place with your friends via teleport. Switch to the Shrine of Osiris. You will go to the cliffside.

Continue over the ruined bridge on the right. The statue shows the direction of the Cliffside where you will go. When you descend the stairs, you come to the snowy region.

Push the sphere up the stairs and put bombs underneath it and jump to the top.
Get where the cogs are upstairs.

These wheels are working halfway so they cannot work. Put a bomb on the ice of the reels and detonate and get it working. When all the cogs are working, enter through the door that opens.

Level 09: Tomb of the Architect

If you put a bomb next to the step button, the 2 wheels on its sides start to spin. Cross the cogs and continue on the right. Go over the bevelled wheels with fire vapor and come to where the sphere is.

Place the globe in place. Jump across the gaps of the wheels. Good timing.
Jump on the spinning wheel. When it kills enemies it goes out in flaming grills. Jump across and continue right. Continue through the burning steam gears. After the small and large female, shoot the eye button so that the large gear stops, but the stopping place is so that the two spheres are in line. Detonate 2 spheres with one fire.

Jump across. Overcome the rifle long-barreled rifle. Continue down the stairs. Detonate the two balls on the gear by shooting them in line.

Fire the eye button and continue across the gears. Jump on the horizontal rotating female when you clear the enemies, throw a rope to the left ring and climb up. The flames below will go out. Come to the gear and jump across. When you come to the flaming gear and press the next step, the light grids go out. Thread the gear to the next ring and cross the side wall. If you cross the 2 flaming gears and press the ground step button, the flaming grills go out and the road opens. Come take this route. Pull the piston rod and timed platforms will open. Jump across them, passing over them and between the gears 2 times. Timing has to be good. Continue right. Jump across the 2 half gears. Throw a rope in the loop on the side-gushing wall and climb up without burning. Jump over 3 half gear and climb up the stairs.

Cross over, bypassing the 4 flaming gears. Pass 2 flaming gears and fire on the eye button. Find the digit button on the left and press ahead the flaming grills will go out. Come and go through here. Come to the piled door and press the button to open the door.

Now the hungry giant wolf comes behind you. Try to cross over blazing gears quickly. The giant wolf is constantly following you. Again, draw a ridge yourself. You can reach the end with careful jumps and jumps. Enter through the door, take Osis' head and finish the episode.

Come to the teleport and teleport. Do your research at Cliffside. The statue shows your direction.

Enter through the door on the side of the big gear.

Go inside the piled area and lower the column, put a bomb under the sphere, just put the bomb so that it will jump on your side. Detonate the bomb and let the sphere pop out. Place the sphere on the step. Get off the road you came from and enter through the big sphere door at the Cliffside.

Level 10: Tomb of the Torturer

Drive carefully the pile road. Come to the sphere and explode. Pull the piston rod ahead, when the piles descend, jump onto the platform and enter through the opening door.

Find the piston rod, now jump up the rising platform without wasting time and jump across the wall by skipping 2 of the time platforms. It's a little difficult, but you can do it.

Find your way between the 3 flashing spheres and place them in their slots. Go through the door that opens. In the future, you can get rid of the piled area just by pressing the marked places. When you pass the 4 platforms in this way, you come to the end of the level and you take the body of Osiris.

Come to the teleport and teleport. Do your research on cliffside where there is snowy region, gears there. Enter through the door and cross the half gear. You have the boss. Kill this screaming mummy with a great effort. After killing (This is not easy) you reach the arms of Osiris. Get out of the door you came from and come to the icy area and find your friends. You have completed the parts of the Osiris. So Osiris came to life. Move on to the Shrine of Osiris. Turn the upper handle counterclockwise, it will explode. Turn the inner handle counterclockwise. Go out and enter through the open door.

Level 11: Tomb of Set

Move across platforms. You will witness the conversations of Osiris with Set. Finally the expected war begins.

You have to help Osiris in this war. There are 3 spheres on the sides. When these explode, they provide energy to the Osiris so that the Osiris Set can topple.

You have to explode all 3 spheres one by one (Easy to say) Meanwhile, the giant crocodile and its avenesi will not leave you alone.

In the end, Sette dies because every living creature will taste death.