League Of Legend: Wild Rift Review

League of Legends: Wild Rift detailed review, how to play League of Legends: Wild Rift? League of Legends: Wild Rift champions. Wild Rift, the popular and world-famous MOBA game of Riot Games, League of Legends, has been released for mobile platforms.

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League Of Legend: Wild Rift Review

League Of Legend: Wild Rift Review

We wanted to express our observations about the game, which started to be downloaded by thousands of players with its publication. As someone who has been in the swamp of League of Legends for a long time on the PC, I liked it in general terms, but I cannot help but say that it has shortcomings.

Basic knowledge

First of all, the game can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android devices and App Store for devices with iOS operating system. After downloading the 2.2GB game, we make a small update and then switch to the educational section of the game. Here, if you want, the option to pass the training section is provided, which I think is a very important detail.

Most players already know how to play games like this before. When you complete the training parts, it asks you to choose one of the 5 champions. After choosing your champion, you can play your game with other players against artificial intelligence. Finally, without forgetting, you can log in to the game with your Apple, Google or Riot Games account. However, when you log in with Riot Games, the blue core, rp or champion skins on the PC version cannot be used.

Graphics and Gameplay of the Game

First of all, the graphics of the game are really nice, it has graphics and color tonnages just like the original game. The interface of the game is also very nice and not too cluttered. There is an in-game interface in the game that you can see above. You can select all of them on the champion selection screen, including summoner spells. The rune system in the PC version is a bit simpler. For example, when you choose the rune of a champion you play as Attack Damage Carrier, you play by choosing one of the 4 runes offered to you.

The skill shots, character movements and especially the attack key as you can see on the bottom right in the game are divided into 3 sections. The big arrow button in the middle works with a mechanic that forces you to attack the champion directly, even if there is a champion near the minions, while hitting the minions if there is no other champion nearby. When there is a minion near the enemy player and you only want to hit minions, you have to hit the minion icon located just below this big arrow. When you press the button with the tower icon on the top of this arrow, you need to use it only in the tower range.

Main Menu Interface

On the main menu of Wild Rift, there are Store, Collection, Lineups, Leaderboard, Instance and Quests. The part we have to deal with here is definitely the strings. Normally, this part for PC is not used much, but you will definitely need to use it for this game. The reason for the importance of the lineups is that you can pre-set summoner spells, runes and items for the champion you choose before entering the game. The other back parts are the same as the PC version, assuming you know them, I don't need to give any details.

Ranked System

The Wild Rift has the same stages as on the PC. All stages from ranked leagues Demir to the Championship stage are available in the game. However, the developers have added a new league between Platinum and Diamond clusters called Emerald for a wider range of skills. In Wild Rift, you earn a ranked mark instead of the LP system, and when you win the game, you gain a ranked mark, and when you lose, you lose a ranked mark in the same way. You need to obtain the required ranked stamps to jump the rank.

Playing in the Diamond and Gold leagues fills your ranked fortitude. This rewards you for doing well and protects you from losses from time to time. New players may be surprised to see that ranked starts from the first game with the sequential selection system. It has been tried to give a good idea of ​​how ranked works in the Wild Rift, while also providing a more consistent competitive experience throughout your ranked matches.


We came to the topic that players are most curious about, how many champions are there in the game? Yes, there are over 140 champions in the PC version of League of Legends, but there are 44 champions in the Wild Rift. Riot Games plans to bring future champions as well as the champions in the PC version with updates to be made in the future. It is difficult to predict how many champions will be in the future. Costumes are currently only 2 for each champion. So there are 2 skins for each champion, which are probably chosen as the most used skins in the PC version. If you want to unlock champions, you can get them with Blue Essence or Wild Core that replaces RP in the PC version.

Events, Awards

The events in the game give you many rewards. You can also get rewards as you level up, but these event rewards offer Champion, Costume and Accessory content. In addition, there are reward capsules that you can see at the top when you enter the tasks tab in the Main Menu. You can earn 150 Blue Essence, 10 Poro Coins and 200 XP from the first of these capsules. In the second, you can earn 175 Blue Essence, 15 Poros Coins and 250 XP, while in the last one you can earn 200 Blue Essence, 25 Poro Money and 300 XP.