Minecraft Game Review

Would you like to move forward in a world by digging out everything around you and creating artworks where your only limit will be your imagination?

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Minecraft Game Review

The independent game producer named Markus Person (known by his pseudonym Notch) would have also asked this question himself that he created a production called Minecraft. An idea that looks good in theory but is very suitable to make mistakes in practice has worked so well that it has attracted the attention of all players to Minecraft.

If you sit down without knowing anything about the game, you can ask yourself "where am I" when you first open it. The graphics, which will be bad for some players at first, will turn into a great visual presentation for you when you manage to look through the pixels.

Of course, Minecraft is not a game that tries to make us appreciate its graphics. The striking point of the game is the production part. Imagine a universe where you can smash almost anything and add it to your inventory. Moreover, you can do whatever you want to do with these items you shred. Whether it's a castle, a bread field, or a waterfall ... All you need is the right items and the right schemes.

You can create new items by combining the items in the game, but you have to arrange the items in the correct scheme.

As you can see in the picture above, we need to arrange the right items in a certain system so that we can create the product we want. Of course, how you find these schemes is up to you. Those with a strong sense of discovery can find it on their own, and those who do not want to linger on this subject can reach a conclusion by doing a short research on the internet.

Minecraft offers us 2 different game modes in which we can create something. First, let me talk about the creativity mode. In this mode where you have unlimited resources, you only play with a production focus. A mode put into play for players who like to create things and just want to concentrate on that direction. Yes, I said it's a mode for those who just want to concentrate on production, because you will have completely different problems in the survival mode, which is the main game mode of the game.

In survival mode, your main purpose is the same; to develop and produce better works. However, the biggest difference of this mode from the creative mode is that you are exposed to the invasion of zombies and creatures at night. You have to build a makeshift house from the first day of the game until it gets dark. Otherwise, you are included in the food chain of living creatures that emerge at night. When you have a certain amount of knowledge, you can start to stand up to the zombies.

The most enjoyable part of the game is that you can do all this online with your friends. You can come together with 3-5 or even 10 friends to create the works you want, and you can fight against zombies together.

Minecraft is actually a game that does not try to do much but can do a lot for you. The production system set up by the game is a very good example of how simple and detailed gameplay can come together, and there are even producers who have seen this example and put it into practice. With a little research, you can see games that try to imitate Minecraft. These imitations show us something very well; It is a milestone for Minecraft's gaming industry.