Nether Wart Block Crafting

Nether wart blocks are decorative blocks. You can collect nether warts from the nether castle. Warped wart blocks are a turquoise variant found in warped forests. Nether wart blocks are decorative blocks found in crimson forests and crafted using nether wart.

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Nether Wart Block Crafting

Hoe is the fastest way to break it. Nether wart blocks and warped wart blocks can be mined using any tool or by hand. 

Nether wart is a fungus found in the Nether that is vital in the creation of potions. Nether wart sometimes generates in nether fortresses in soul sand gardens near stairwells. 

Nether wart can be found growing in the central courtyard of each of the sections of piglin housing units and treasure rooms. in Bastion Remnant

Nether wart can be found growing near stairwells in small soul sand gardens. in Nether Fortress.

Nether wart's primary purpose is to brew the awkward potion, the base for all potions, but optional for Weakness.

Command for Nether Wart

/give @p nether_wart 1  OR  /give @p nether_wart 1 0

Before making a nether wart farm, it is necessary to have one soul sand per nether wart which can be grown. At least one nether wart is also needed to begin producing. It is recommended to have more than one, however, to decrease the initial amount of time spent waiting for it to grow.

The rest of the required materials depends on the design. The following are some common materials which may be required to build certain farms:

Water buckets
Redstone dust
Redstone repeaters
Redstone torches
Building blocks

Nether wart does not need light to grow, but the farm should be built in a lit and enclosed area to prevent creepers from damaging growth. Additionally, putting the farm in a place where it will be often loaded will help the farm to continuously grow.

Depending on the design of a nether wart farm, extra room may be required for the redstone. Make sure to know the size of the farm in advance so that the proper amount of space can be cleared in one go.