Nova2 Remastered Metin2

Nova2 Remastered Pvp Server: Welcome to Nova2 Remastered, the server that has originally been found in 2013 is now offering a new remastered version with the most updated and recent content.

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Nova2 Remastered Metin2

Hi young Nova Player! Before starting it is important first of all to tell you about the Vote4Buff. Vote4Buff is a system through which from the home page of the official site, by logging with your data you can vote for the ranking of the servers: by voting for ours you will receive a temporary bonus, everything will be repeatable after 24 hours. It is important to vote to make the server rise in the rankings, increase community players and have a small advantage in the game that can always be useful.

First Part (1-90)

At the first login you will receive an   Apprentice-Chest (I) in which you will receive the basic equipment to start playing! (You can see on the page-link all Chests and their rewards) Turn on the  Pet (to have 10 % Against Monster) and the  Mount (you can attack on it immediately).

Pressing on the  Teleportation Ring, then Leveling Maps and later on Valley of Seungryong, at last on Mid.
Right from the start you should collect the  Orc Teeth from the Black Orcs and the  Curse Books from the Dark Persecutors because it is useful (if not obligatory) to do the Biologist Quests as you grow in level (it is possible and it is advisable to talk to the biologist using the F7 key with the Quest Manager, so you will only have to go to Baek-Go to receive the rewards).

In the valley of the orcs it is advisable to expose and do the aforementioned missions up to level 40 (considering that one will be released consecutively at 30 and the other at 40), and once this is done you will have enough money to go to the shop and buy the various items to PERMANENTLY upgrade your character, and they are: Rainbow Stones (skill at P1), Attack, Life, Intelligence and Defense of the Dragon God, Critical and Piercing Strike, all kinds of dews that will increase Attack, Defense and more!

After have done biologist quests you should press F6 (only from level 40) and with the Dungeon Manager teleport to the Demon Tower (Lv. 40) to drop 50   (they are almost 1 mobbed), so once you reach level 50 you can deliver them directly.
The next step is to use the  Teleportation Ring again to go to the Spider-Dungeon 3 in the Leveling Maps and level up to 70.
Now is the time to think about making advanced equipment, so you will have to go to the Weapons and Armor Merchants who will provide you with the necessary equipment for both PvP and PvM.