Rise of the Tomb Raider - Challenge Guide

Finding a hidden compartment for the Tomb Raider game is the best place to solve the puzzle here: gain items such as extra rights, materials, money, items, treasure, weapon ammunition.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider - Challenge Guide

1- On the map, challengers are seen as dashed tomb. You can see how many challengers there are and the materials you have collected on the left side of the map.

2- If you enter the map and mark the challenger and select the local target, when you press q in the game (I did q in my PC), the direction you will go to challenger blue is seen as a dashed shrine. You must follow this.

3- When you approach a challenger, "Operational challenge tomb nearby" text appears. That means there is a challenger soon. Then "Eexpolare enterence"
Search the entry is out of order. Now you have to search and find the entrance and go inside.

4- In order to be able to enter many challengers, you need to have some skills. For example the bow and arrow who throws the rope. Such as the flaming bow, the bomb-throwing weapon, the ability to stay underwater for a long time. Therefore, you cannot enter the challenger early in the game. Many challengers need a rope to open their door. You have to gather materials around, open the chests and not increase your ability in the campfire. You must update every weapon. In the first game, you locate the challenger, then when your ability increases, you get up-to-date weapons and you come here with Fast Travelel (fast travel, teleport).

4- After the Challenger, go to the first camp and rest, the game saves here.

5- The Challenger will finally give you some reward. Use them to increase your ability. You can upgrade the skills and weapons in the camp. Things that need updating seem a little whiter and brighter. You have to click on them. Here you can also change your dress.

Geothermal Valley (4 Challenge)

1- Geothermal Valley Catacomb of Sacred Waters Challenger Tomb

Look at the Geothermal Valley map and teleport to the camp in the bottom right of the map.
When you leave the camp, you will see a log lying on your left. Walk over this log and jump across it. Sacred Waters Challenge in this clearing. You will find the entrance. Take the stairs. Go ahead, tie the marsh with the bride and the father by shooting arrows at the opposite rope assembly and get hooked to the opposite side.
Go down over the skulls and get over the campfire.
Stand next to the father with the spinning wheel and shoot arrows to the boat and wait for the boat to arrive. When you arrive, jump into the boat. While in the boat, cut the rope and shoot the bollard on the opposite rotating wheel and tie the boat. Get up from the boat to the middle islet. If you do not rush, you will fall into the current. Behind the building is a second boat hidden behind the waterfall. Shoot and shoot a rope arrow to this boat. As the boat passes by you, jump into it, shoot the rope arrow at the rope bollard right across, fix the boat and turn the wheel. Jump and jump onto the platform on the wall as the beech approaches the opposite wall. If you are late, the boat will fall into the current and you will die by throwing you down the waterfall. Get inside the building. Gather materials and get Anatomical Knowledge Ahead. so
Take the platform on the right and break the wall, go through the crevice and come to the camp site. You have finished the Catacomb of Sacred Waters Challenger Tomb.

2- Geothermal Valley Baths of Kitezh Challenge Tomb

Teleport yourself to camp near the challenger in the far north of the geothermal.
The camp is near the village. If you go down and towards the chalengers, you will reach the waterfall.
Jump across the river from the bridge over the waterfall. If you go left, you go to Baths of Kitezh. If you go right. You go to the House of the Affairs. We will first go to Baths of Kitezh Challenge Tomba on the left.
Follow the road, go through the forest, find the cave mouth.
Attention, there is a huge bear here. First, get your arrow ready and set the arrow to the poison arrow. You will press 1 on the PC and if you press the 1 key continuously, arrow types will appear. To shoot, first the right mouse button and then the middle button to shoot) Because otherwise the bear does not die. Kill the bear after long efforts. Skin the bear.

Swim the deer course in the cave. (The bear has not had it) Come to the wall to be broken and break the wall. Come on.
Dive into the brown stream (Hot spring water) and continue underwater. You will eventually come to a structure. Get out of here. There is water coming from the manhole flowing in time. Go in time without getting caught in this water and reach the campfire inside.

Continue forward, do not hit the red symbol on the floor. Or see what happened in the press. Go through the branches ahead and reach the Baths of Kitezh.
Jump into the water like brown sewer. Find the boat and pull it to the edge of the wall with the help of a rope. Jump over the wall.
Come on. You will see a rope reel in the water. To fix the movable arm, it is necessary to free the reel at the base from the water and connect this arm to the reel.
Go to the opposite wall and pull the handle, the doors will open and the water in the room will drain. Let me explain for your understanding. You drain the water of the 2nd chamber and send the water to the 1st chamber and make the water there rise. Otherwise you wouldn't pull the handle over there.

When the water is empty, connect the rope pulley at the base with the arm you pulled, come to the rope pulley, turn the handle and move it and fix it in time.
Come next to the boat from the platform you come from and use the rope to tie the boat to the rope ball on the ceiling and when you turn the handle, the boat will move and come to the arch-shaped structure. Dive into the water and enter the other room underwater from below, and there is an arm to draw.
Pull the handle and let the water drain the room. Meanwhile, the boat will have gone down on the opposite side, immediately turn to the side of the boat and shoot the rope arrow so that the arm is connected to the boat. Now that the water in the whole room is drained, you can walk on the floor. What we need to do is to become walking on the ground.

Come to the red bins and blast them. Go through the opened bars and get the reward Iron Flu above.
Come near the boat and climb the stairs ahead. Pass the bear on the ground, paying attention to the trap. Come to the campfire.
Slide across with the rope on the right. Follow the road you have come to the geothermal valve. Cross the bridge by throwing an arrow rope from the bridge next to the waterfall. From here we will go to the House of the Afflicted Challenge.

3- Geothermal Valley House of the Afflicted Challenge Tomb

When you arrive from Baths of Kitezh Challenge, jump across the broken bridge platform next to the waterfall. There is a gap where you will crawl on the ground. Go through here. 4 wolves are coming, kill them. (Someone runs away, not coming again) I don't know if it was good for me or for him)
Hit the hanging object with the arrow and drop the tree branch.
Now come and open the iron door. Move down the aisle. You will come to an obelisk. If you continue on the right, you will come to the well and camp. Gather the materials.
Beyond the campfire enter the House of the Afflicted Challenge Tomb. Look around. We will enter the room you see on the 2nd floor above.
Proceed now. Pull the car as far as you can. Get down to the pit and connect the hanging platform and the hooked crane with the rope.
Now come next to the first hanging platform and rope the arm to which the rope ball is attached and pull it. (This arm is a little difficult to see) So the lump of rope attached to the iron mass will go down. Immediately connect the car with a rope arrow and fix it.
So the platform remained stable above, and a way was opened for you to jump from pull-ups.
Go upstairs, jump from 2 pull-out bars and hold across. Jump off the suspended platform and continue. Enter the House of the Afflicted Challenge Tomb room by climbing the walls side by side. Get Super Dream.

4- Geothermal Valley Pit of Judgment Challenge Tomb

Find this challenged map and teleport there. Find your way from the rocks on the waterfall. Scroll across the map. You will climb 2 stairs. While sliding down the stream, jump across and go up. Climb the walls to reach the campfire.
Finally come to Pit of Judgment. Dive into the water, swim across, there are 2 suspension bridges. Continue with the right.
There is a mechanism here. When you spin this, the wagon will go down and smash the door. Do just like that.
Then come to the right, tie the two ropes and slide down.
The same mechanism exists here as well. There are 2 cogs with a difference. You can find how to do it by trial. One of the wheels is driving the wagon up, the other. turning direction.
You have to arrange the wagon to cross the cliff.
Now when you push the wagon, the wagon goes and breaks the main door. Now jump off the two half-collapsed platforms. You came to the starting point.
come on. Get the geology.
Turn back and go over the broken bridge. When it comes to the center, dive into the water and go to the opposite beach
Continue jumping from the walls and come next to the big waterfall and reach the campfire. Teleport to the Trands Travelle cooling instillation.

Soviet Installation (3 Challenge)

1- Soviet Installation Ancient Cistern Challenge Tomb

Teleport yourself Soviet Installation. We'll go to the Top Challenge.
The entrance is right next to the ruined house, but it is difficult to search. Find the crane if you shoot at the connection point of the log hanging on the crane, the log will fall and dig a well in the snow. Here's the entrance jump inside. Think down. Go down by climbing 2 walls. There is a plank to jump on and hold on. This pulls you down. Fall into the water by matching between the 2 gears below. There is a platform where you can get out on the water. Exit and shoot and blast the red bag next to the round door. So the round door will open. Come inside, you see Ancident Cistern right above. But it won't be easy to get it. Go over the bridge and jump across, jump and fall down into the water because the beam you will hold on is broken. I told you.

Get out of the water. There is another door that is round and prevents water from flowing. Detonate with the bomb arrow. Jump into the water and enter from the opening. Turn left and go upstairs again, there is a round door. Blow that up too. If you are at the beginning of the game and you are coming here for the first time, you don't have a bomb arrow. In this case, throw the gas can on the ground. Go up and jump into the pull-up beam, when it hangs down, water will come from the canal and the raft will move towards the closet. Do not waste time, get on the raft and take the can and throw it through the hole you dug through the opening on the side. Now go to room 2 and put the canister in front of the round door waiting to be opened, shoot and blast. Thus, the water that comes out will rise and you will be ascended to you. Get the Natural Inspector in the shrine-like place. So you have completed the Ancient Cistern Challenge Tomb. Return from where you came from, from the campfire, teleport yourself to the nearest 2 ci cahallenger camp.

2- Soviet Installation Voice of God Challenge Tomb

Find the challenger cave on the map. Come in, at the end there is a covered passage with planks. Shoot arrows and pull with a rope, let the door break and open. Use your ax to open the iron door.
Go ahead, get over the waterfall. Climb the wall on the left and jump to the right. Come to the campfire and continue by climbing the walls from there to the big waterfall. Continue along the valley, there is a broken bridge ahead, you should hold on to the opposite wall while falling down. Continue through the walls. Finally you came to the great arched door. Get in here. There is a half broken door. We'll open this door but how?

Climb the wall on the right and enter the rear compartment. Connect the opposite rope cluster with the pulley. Turn the wheel and then the rope is sure what happened, right? The rope bin is up. I have to download it. Jump to the right and break the wall to the main entrance hall. Now turn the wheel here and the canister will come down. Immediately go to the back through the broken wall. Turn the wheel and stretch the drum and its rope. When the canister is stretched well, cut the rope so that the canister will hit the opposite glaciers and break them, so the half-broken door will open. Go through the broken wall. Turn the wheel and the door opens.

Advance through smoky air and take Innner Strengh. So you've completed the Voice of God Challenge Tomb.
Continue the way you came. Throw a rope between two ropes and climb across this rope. There is a place where you will throw two ropes ahead and slide and climb on the walls. Get out of the cave you came from and teleport yourself from there to the campfire where the 3 dreamer's challengers are

3- Soviet Installation Red Mine Challenge Tomb

Come where the trains are. Climb the stairs to the ground like a tower. Kill the soldiers here. Go down, find the challenge entry. Press the green button and open the door. This road will take you to the challenge. Slide across the rope. Go into the water and swim to the opposite shore.
Close the closed door in front of you with a Molotov cocktail and the door opens. Go ahead, there is a plank to hold on to, but you are falling down because it is broken. You came continue from where. There will be pieces of cloth covered by water in front of you and buy a Molotov cocktail to pass this place. You have to arrange your place very well.

If you throw it just below where the water gushes, the cloths will ignite and the passage will open. Skip ahead and you've come to Red mine.
Jump across and come to the campfire. Go ahead There is a hanging plate above. Jump into this one, climb and climb onto it. Jump to the side and go up the stairs. Jump into the stone-laden wagon and see how the moving wagon comes underwater. There are cloths you will burn on the right when you jump on the opposite platform.

But you cannot burn the cloths because of the water flow. I have to cut this water. Now go upstairs and rope over the cogs and pull. See the wagon moving through the opening door and hit the stone-laden wagon. You get the situation. Now climb to the top and come to the water pouring from above. It's here where you will tie the rope. Throw and tie a rope where this rope will be tied with the wagon.

Now come down and jump into the stone-laden wagon again and make it come down. Thus, the wagon will prevent water flow from above. Now jump onto the opposite platform. Use the Molotov cocktail to pass the cloths through the nearby passage. Take lots of stairs and Brighth Eyesi so you have completed the Red Mine Challenge Tomb. Return from where you came from. Reach the campfire on the right. Teleport yourself to the new challenger from here.

Glacial Caverns Ice Ship Challenge Tomb

Teleport yourself to the Glacial Caverns camp. There is already a camp. Advance, Operational Challenge Tomb Nearby will appear. Jump into the opposite wall. On the left is the half-log on the fly that extends into the abyss. Jump across from here, if you go straight, you will go to the Soviyet insilatation. So you have to jump left from the log.

After jumping the log, you came to the ice shipe. Jump on the flag-hanging plank, climb and get near the mechanism. Turn the handle and press it continuously with the action button so it will be turned and one arm of the hanging scale above will go down. Now go up the side of the mechanism and go straight to the mast. When the end of the pole is reached, jump into the cone-like iron on the arm of the hanging scale. He will go at your speed and break the opposite glacier.

This will open a road that will climb you. Go down to the top of the planks created by this broken glacier. There is also a mechanism here. Turn this over to the end. Thus, the cocoon-like iron will come to the bottom. Then, without wasting time. Go from the horizontal posts to the far end, jump into the cone-like iron and break the ice across so the road is cleared. Go down and jump across the cliff. climb up from this new place. Reach the top by following the beams on the wall. Get to the bright place Get the Classclly Traidi. So you've finished the Ice Ship Challenge Tomb.
There is a rope one floor below and on the left. Return to the beech and Galactical cavern from here and come to the campfire.

The Lost City Chamber of Exorcism

Teleport yourself to the camp on the far right of the lost site. Go down 2 big stairs and head towards Challenge. Enter the cave entrance and kill the giant bear with great effort.
There is a door to break at the bottom of the cave. Break this and go as far as you can. Dive into the water and swim for a long time by diving underwater. Go to the opposite shore and come to the campfire.
From here, dive into the water and go to the shore. Go ahead and arrive at the Chamber of Exorcis, bomb the green toxic smoke and make the door break.
Come on. you finally came to a room. Check out the setup here. Behind the door is my chamere of exorcis. We have to break this door. Come down and see the underwater cage, we have to take it up.
See the two rope-wrapped arms in front of you, throw a rope with the arrow and pull it down and the water will drain. When you do the same with the opposite arm, the water of the pool will drain. immediately enter the pond and cut the rope connecting the cage. Now come up and turn the mechanism the cage will go up. Throw a rope into the rope-wrapped drum, which looks like a drum, and pull it. The cage will come in front of the door.
Come halfway up the stairs and pull a rope to both arms, throw a bomb into the explosive smoke and the door will open at the end of the explosion. Enter through the door and get the Necessary Fire. So you've finished the Chamber of Exorcism.