Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Challenge Guide

Are you ready to solve all the mysteries? Finding a hidden compartment for the Tomb Raider game, solving the puzzle there (Puzzle) is to gain extra rights (such as materials, money, items, treasure, weapon ammunition)

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Challenge Guide

What we will pay attention to, how will we find out in Shadow of the Tomb Raider's challengers.

1- On the map, challengers are seen as dashed tomb. You can see how many challengers there are and the materials you have collected on the left side of the map.

2- If you enter the map and mark the challenger and select the Local Target, when you press the Q key in the game (I did Q on my PC) the challenger turns blue, the direction you will go is seen as a dashed tomb. You must follow this.

3- When you approach a challenger, "Optional challenge tomb nearby" text appears. That means there is a challenger soon. Then "Explore entrance" appears. Now you have to search and find the entrance and go inside.

4- You need some abilities to be able to enter many challengers. For example, bow and arrow throwing rope. Such as the flaming bow, the bomb-throwing weapon, the ability to stay underwater for a long time. Therefore, you cannot enter the challenger early in the game. Many challengers need a rope to open their door. You have to collect materials around, open chests and increase your ability in campfire. You have to update every weapon. In the first game, you locate the challenger, then when your ability increases, you get up-to-date weapons and you come here with Fast Travel (fast travel, teleport).

4- After the challenge, go to the first camp and rest, the game saves here.

5- The Challenger will finally give you some reward. Use them to increase your ability. You can upgrade the skills and weapons at the camp. Things that need updating seem a little whiter and brighter. You have to click on them. Here you can also change your dress.

6- If you cannot see the Tomb icon on the map, talk to every person, as you may have received some items missing. After these inform you, the map is updated.

My goal is to warm you up to challengers and play. Otherwise, everyone finishes the game in 7-8 hours. This is no feat. Ask someone who finishes the game "How many challengers have you solved?" he will be stuck. Make sure you try to solve the challengers on your own. If you get stuck, you can look here.

Yes, now come to the challengers:

1 - Peruvian Jungle (Underworld Gate)
2 - Peruvian Jungle (Judge's Gaze)
3 - Kuwaq Yaku (Howling Caves)
4 - The Hidden City (Path of Battle)
5 - The Hidden City (Temple of the Sun)
6 - The Hidden City (Ancient Aqueduct)
7 - Cenote (San Cordoba)
8 - Mission of San Juan (Tree of Life)
9. Mission of San Juan (Thirsty Gods)

1- Peruvian Jungle - Underworld Gate

Teleport yourself from the camp with Fast Travel to the Peruvian Jungle area. Enter the map with the tab, mark the icon with the Tomb and mark the Toggle waypoint. Thus, the navigation in the game will take you to the Tomb.

Continue to the left of the camp towards the cahallengere. After a fairly long road (jump jump), get to where the puzzle is. I do not describe the way. You have to find this one way anyway.

Pull the lever of the left gear towards you. Throw a rope at the rope tie across the cliff and tie the two rope heads together. Jump on the rope and cross over.
Pull the Z-shaped gear towards you and jump over the moving hanging crate and cross it. Push the lever of the gear here forward and connect the rope heads on this gear with the hanging case. Thus, the crate will be fixed. Go and jump across the chest. You came to the Z-shaped gear again. Push the lever towards you. Jump into the moving chest, go to the last point the chest can go, jump across. You will climb the walls. Watch out for rocks falling from above. Go upstairs and you will reach the statue. Press the lever down. Get AEGL'S PERCH. It will write Tomb Complete. Go from branches to cliffs. Come to the place where the cap fire is, passing the roads you come from.

2- Peruvian Jungle - Judge's Gaze

Select and tick the Tomb icon on the edge of the lake in Peruvian Jungle. We will go there. Pass between two cliffs. You will fall into deep water ahead. Jump up the wooden ladder and open the door closed by the statue and pass through. Cross the long vine bridge and enter the underwater puzzles room.

The thing to do here is to reach the statue on the door you entered. For this, you need to extend 2 tree bridges here.

Pull the left car to the far left. Pull the second car to the very beginning. Now push the first car forward to the very end. Stop the second car at the crossroads of the two roads so that the tree grabs the ladder. Tie the rope head on the right to the rope head of the statue ahead. Go up the ruined pillars on the right and jump onto the tree ladder on the left. It will descend with your weight and dock with the car. Jump down, push the car forward to the end. Let the wings spread and wait for the ladder.

Now go and tie the rope head of the tree ladder in the middle with the rope head of the statue ahead. Jump up the left leg of the house-like structure and climb to the top, jump the tree-lined ladder and hold it down with your weight. Thus, the tree-ladder will rise towards the platform on which you will climb. Go and climb to the statue and lower the arm. Get CAINMAN'S HEAR. It will write Tomb Complete. Reach the camp with many jumps and jumps from the way you came.

3- Kuwaq Yaku - Howling Caves

Teleport yourself to Kuwaq Yaku from the camp. Here again, go to the map and find the Tomb and mark it with a toggle waypoint. Thus, in the game, you will be able to see the location of Tomb in navigation. Come to where the plane wrecked. Do your research here. Find the Tomb entrance. A little further, you will fall into a deep lake.
I will not describe the road to you, you will find it, the way you will go is only one way. After killing 4 wolves, go through the cave entrance with the inscription "New base Camp". You came to the room with puzzles.

Immediately pull the right handle towards you. The statue will descend and the chandelier-like formation will begin to oscillate. Jump into it, grab it, jump across it. Pull the lever here, let the statue come down, the doors open and the wind enters. Now jump onto the platform opposite the opening hatches. Rope the oscillating chandelier, pull it to yourself, and have the chandelier tip over the opposite platform. Come back to where the second arm you pulled was.

Push the lever forward so the flaps are closed and the wind is cut off. This way you will be able to cross the bridge. Go again, cross the bridge platform. Climb the wall to the left of the fire place. Scroll right. When it comes to where you can't jump, think about it.
Here, tie the two rope heads and the chandelier with the rope and jump and hold when it comes to the middle think. Cross the bridge and come back to the second arm, pull the handle to yourself and open the doors, the next wall will break. Now close the flaps again so the wind is cut off too. Jump over the bridge. Pull the third arm of the platform with the fire on the left. Hop onto the newly opened platform and get HURCAN'S MANTELE. So you will see the text Tomb Complete. Come back to the campfire on the roads you came from.

4- The Hidden City - Path of Battle

While you are at the camp, mark the Tomb on the edge of the lake. And continue according to the navigation. Continue through the forest and underwater. Light your new campfire. Go past the rotating blades, hold onto the opposite wall, go down. Push the big lever to open the door. Move between the two large discs.
Come to the middle, rotating platform. Jump from the arms to the left platform. Move forward, pull the lever towards you to stop the machine. Now push the lever on the other side and let the middle platform stand and come down. Switch to the other side and pull the lever long. Switch to the other side and push the lever. The platform in the middle stopped. Go and climb without wasting time.
Find yourself a way to get to the top and go to the top, lower the statue's arm. Get SIP'S QUIVER. Tie the two rope heads, beech, come to the campfire that you lit at first. You will have to jump a lot.

5- The Hidden City - Temple of the Sun

Continue in the water. Get out of the water, jump and find your way. At the end you will find a new campfire. Go ahead and you'll come to the mirrored room. From the camp, choose Tomb right there in the southernmost building of Lost City. This is already in the city, there is a small pool in the room just ahead, dive there and continue underwater. Come to the room with the mirror.

Pull the arm of the mirror right in front of you. Let the beam of light hit the left column. Go and jump across the column. Pull the lever towards you and the light hits the opposite column. Now go up the ladder at the back. Move from the column to where the arm is, push the arm in a semicircle, and the light hits the opposite column. Go and skip two columns, turn the mirror where you came from to the last column you skipped, and go and climb it. Go two columns and come to the first mirror. Turn the mirror to the first column, come across and now turn the mirror to the other column and go through this column and come to the mirror. Turn the mirror, pass two columns, and once you turn the mirror, the way to the platform in the middle will be opened.

I know it's a little complicated, but when you do the same and do it visually, you understand better. Now jump from the middle platform to the tulip-like platform and you'll come to the statue. Press the lever and you will receive the HOATZIN'S HUNGER. Return from the road you came from and arrive at the campfire.

6- The Hidden City - Ancient Aqueduct

Mark Tomb on the shore of the lake just above the camp. Continue left. Don't jump on the wall, think down. Continue underwater. Pass between two rocks. Don't go to the wrong place. Continue underwater and pass between two rocks. Light the campfire. Think down. Kick the sala and bring the rope head over there and throw the rope and tie the raft and the rope head. Now go up and pull the lever towards you.
Without wasting time, go through the lid that opens under water and continue under water. There will be a disabled door in front of you, break it with a tool. There is an arm right across it, lower it. Get out of the water and open the closed door with a rope.

Get in, kill the incoming creatures. Disconnect the raft and kick the raft to the other room. Go up and pull the lever so water will fill the room. Jump into the water and go through the underpass. Go upstairs and the raft will be up. Step out and jump into the wall. Kill the incoming creatures. Pull the handle and let it detach from the wall.

Take off the raft, tie the raft with the rope head of the big wheel there while the raft goes and let the wheel go there. Get out of the wall and tie the rope head here with the raft. Without wasting time, tie this rope head and the hanging rope head you see above to the rope head of the wheel, and when it turns, a cage will rise. Now, without wasting time, jump to the raft, jump to the middle platform, go up, jump into the cage and move to the opposite side, then lower the arm of the statue, so you will get JAGUAR'S PAW. It will write Tomb Complete. Beech from the tight rope over the big wheel, come to the campfire above.

7- Cenote - San Cordoba

Choose the Tomb on the lake, which is like a bow at the camp. Continue left. There is a place where you can jump on the rocks. Match the sign is not seen well in the dark. After a long jump and a long struggle, cross over. Continue underwater. My advice is to wear the Tomb navigation or you will get lost under water and drowned. The dangerous underwater current will take you away and you will fall into deep water. Get out and jump up and light the new campfire.

Ahead is the ball cart that the car has closed. Push the cart first, then the ball cart and roll it down the cliff. Go through the passage it has opened. You will come to the place where the Spanish galleon is. Get to the port side of the ship, kick the salad, get on the water and start climbing over the ship. The places you will climb are already clear and marked.

Find the handle on the deck and turn it. The cannon truck crane above will move. Now jump into the water from the left. Break the underwater door and move forward. Jump left at the top flag, jump from the mast at the nose of the ship to the cliff. Go through the cave, break the arm on the mast of the ship, climb up and jump into the cave on the left. From here jump onto the middle mast of the ship, from there think where the arm is, turn the arm. Come and jump from the pole to where the box is. Climb to the top and break the gear so the gun cart will fall and make a hole in the deck. Down through this hole you will come to the place where the statue is. Lower the handle. Get the CAIMAN'S BREATH II. Break the next door with a rope and go through the door. At the end of the water, you will come to the campfire.

8- Mission of San Juan - Tree of Life

Mark the San Juan and you will go to the Tomb you see here. Climb the stairs, light the campfire. Continue on the left. Break the door by throwing a rope and go through.

Shoot a flaming arrow at the gas-gushing head and explode. There is an arm forward that you will break with an ax, break it. Blast the gas again and continue to the right. Tie the two rope heads and slide down. Go ahead, shoot a flaming arrow at the gas-gushing head and explode, the cage will move, jump and cross. Continue left then right.

Break the arm of the iron column with an ax. Kill the incoming creatures. Go ahead, throw tools at the gas on the right and explode it across the cage. There is a rope that you can cut when you move forward, cut it. The swinging chandelier will move. Jump on this and go to the opposite platform. Break the arm ahead, kill the creatures. Keep right, blast the gas.

Climb onto the platform, cut the rope here and move the chandelier. Continue right, break the arm with the ax. Jump onto the middle platform, blast the gas. Take the left side, kill the incoming creatures. Go up and go directly over the bridge. You will arrive at the statue. Lower the handle. Get the KINICH AHAU'S BOON. Tie the two rope heads on the right and slide down. Jump into the hop, find your way and come to camp.

9- Mission of San Juan - Thirsty Gods

Select the Tomb at the lower end of the upper lake. You start in the water. Go on. You will go into the water again. Pay attention to the underwater nozzle. Get out and enter the other water, open the door with a rope. The water will be drawn, go from here and slide down. Get out of the water. Cut the raft rope. Climb the wall over the raft. Light the campfire. You will fall into the water on the right. Cut the raft rope. Go ahead and cut the second strand. Get out of the water and jump into the wall with the raft. Continue to the right and find the handle, push the handle and move the column. Let the water pour into the container. It will go down with its weight. Jump in front of the big wheel.
Connect the opposite rope head with the impeller. Now come to the arm and turn it, when the column turns, the wheel will fill with water and the wheel will spin. It will pull the hanger down. Come to the arm, turn the handle, stop the wheel by cutting the water pressure. Jump into the water, dive from under the raft. Continue through the cave below. If you go up and continue, you will find the statue. Lower the handle Get SIP'S STRIKE. Go and slide off the rope. Jump in and jump to the campfire.
So we finished all the challengers.