Valeria2 55-120 Metin2 PvP

Valeria2, you will be satisfied with Metin2 MMORPG gaming pleasure. Valeria2 always aims to provide its players with quality service and trouble-free infrastructure.

Game Tags: 55-120 Lvl Metin2, Farm Server

Valeria2 55-120 Metin2 PvP

Valeria2 farm metin2 pvp server

metin2 pvp serverler

The beginning of the game in Valeria2 is beautifully designed. Every player starts the game with a +9 Starter equipment set, Skiller G1 and some useful gifts when starting the game. Among these items; There are unlimited glazes, unlimited dragon gods, critical-piercing items, and finally, the gift costume and Cat mount will also be available for a short time.

* Your offline stores are easy and convenient to use.
* With the offline store, you can sell your products while farming and offline.
* You can add or remove products after opening your offline store.
* Your offline store can remain open for up to 24 hours in terms of game variety. Don't forget to check your market while enjoying your game!
* After creating your offline store, you can add a new product to your market on any channel or map you want.
* In our object search system, which is very simple to use, all you have to do is enter the name of the item you are looking for and press the search button.
* After pressing the search button, the stores found will be marked with an arrow both on the map and in the markets.
* While improving your items, you can improve them quickly without having to open the window again.
* You can quickly delete all unnecessary items in your inventory by right clicking and transferring after opening the window.
* You can quickly complete your biologist duties remotely without having to come to the village to do your biologist duties.
* Thanks to the enchantment bot, you can bring the enchantments you choose faster than normal.
* You can speed up or slow down the enchantment according to your internet connection speed and computer performance.