Vslikwar2 104-105 Ws Metin2 Server

Vslikwar2 metin2 pvp. Start 104 Lvl. Ready Enchanted Npcs. Improved Ancient Enchantment System. Thanos Glove System.Prize-Winning Guild Tournaments Every Week

Game Tags: Vslikwar2, 104-105, Wslik Server, Lang:TR

Vslikwar2 104-105 Ws Metin2 Server

Vslikwar2 Metin2 Pvp Server 104-105 LvL Ws-Pvp Game

wslik metin2 pvp serverler

* Starting Level 104 Ending Level 105.
* Ready Enchanted Npcs
* Improved Ancient Enchantment System
* New Special Guild Map
* 5 Exclusive New Farm Maps
* Thanos Glove System
* Animated Weapon Costumes
* Advanced Guild Systems
* Heading System
* Weapon Armor Efeckt System
* Object Market from Bosses
* Cracking EP Coupons from Bosses
* New Village Skins
* Awarded Individual Vs Event-Vs Tournament
* Prize-Winning Guild Tournaments Every Week
* Account Registration System
* Chat Deletion System
* Enhanced Biologist System
* Remote Market System
* Special Pet System
* Animated Weapon Costumes
* Special Guild Areas
* Costume Weapons
* Guild Agent-Meeting System

New Avatar Bonus Costume, Chips, Pet at the beginning of the game. The Game Throws You Directly to the Middle of the 2nd Village City.