World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Review

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Game Review: With the World of Warcraft expansion, Shadowlands, we embark on an adventure that concerns not only Azeroth, but the entire universe. Publisher: Blizzard - Blizzard

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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Review

World of Warcraft. Is Shadowlands a good enough package to erase the frustration of Battle for Azeroth, or is it an enhancement package that we will do the same things in different locations? Let's examine it together.

+ A new world
+ 4 different stories with 4 different Covenant
+ High replayability
+ Revamped character enhancement system (Threads of Fate)
+ Torghast in roguelike style
+ Opportunity to see old names in their new form
+ A smooth opening day
- Covenant abilities can make choices mandatory
- Torghast music is boring
- Mount restriction is a problem for some classes in The Maw
- Threads of Fate system needs optimization
- You don't feel stronger as you level up

Henceforth, Our Name is Maw Walker
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands begins by recalling the events that took place at the end of the Battle for Azeroth package, which began with the fight between the Horde and the Alliance. As the new Lich King challenged Bolvar sitting on the Frozen Throne, Sylvanas unexpectedly smashed his helmet, and as a result of this action, the connection between the world and the other world is completely torn. While the leaderless Scourge attacks the surroundings out of control, many great leaders, including the Stormwind king Anduin and former War Chief Thrall, are abducted by winged beings. As the Champion of Azeroth, we enter the Shadowlands to rescue our abducted allies by Bolvar.

Passing through the portal opened with a very crowded Death Knight group next to us, we come to a land where no mortal should set foot, The Maw, where spirits that cannot be saved are thrown. Although most of our army is quickly stopped, we find Jaina and Thrall, meet Jailer, the leader of The Maw, and rescue Baine and Anduin and try to find a way out. When a passage that has not been active for a long time opens by reacting to our presence, we pass through the passage and find ourselves in the city called Oribos, thanks to the sacrifice of the heroes we came to rescue.

Oribos is the first place where deceased souls come from, and here they are sent to the land they deserve by the being called Arbiter. Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth spend their afterlife here, paying their penance sent to one of the hereafter, depending on how he lived his life. Unable to be saved in any way, unable to atone for their actions (like Arthas), souls are thrown into the inescapable region called The Maw.

We can say that those who change shape in areas where there are no mounts are more advantageous.
Thanks to the souls sent to the land they deserve after being judged by Arbiter, each region has access to the source called anima. Each region maintains its continuity thanks to the anima inherent in the newly arrived souls and functions in a perfect order. The Arbiter being hit by a red light and being completely silent breaks the whole order. All the souls who need to be sentenced and sent to the appropriate place find themselves sent to The Maw, and the anima source of other realms is drastically diminishing.

We are included in the story as the first being able to fall into The Maw in a long time. After our conversation with the servants of Arbiter, we move on to Bastion and enter the main story. I will not share the rest in order not to give spoilers, but while trying to reach Level 60, we visit all regions in turn and we have the chance to see and intervene in the special events in each of them. In connection with the story, we move to new regions and witness how important events begin. By completing the Revendreth, we have reached the final level and are ready to enter one of the Covenant we want. The Covenant we have chosen offers new missions that will allow us to dig deeper into the events we witnessed during the entrance missions.

Blizzard, who also has writers I love, has done a great job on the story. The Maw, the introduction to the story, begins in a very gripping way. Then we witness interesting events supported by cinematics in every new region we visit. It was able to watch the tasks I had experienced in Alpha and Beta processes with excitement as if it was the first time. In almost every region, we are experiencing unexpected betrayals, surprise names and events that will make us say "No, dear, you shouldn't behave like that."

Moreover, everything that happens to us while leveling up is an introduction task. In order to see Revendreth's revolt story or what you will do with the spirit that came out of the seed you bonded with in Ardenwelad, you must present your loyalty to that Covenant and play the sequel stories. He somehow manages to put the idea of ​​developing your other characters to play different stories from different sides in your mind. Even for this reason I can give a good score to the story part.

We touched on the story part without spoilers as much as possible. Now let's talk about regions and Covenant, which includes regions. With the Covenant we chose, we get the opportunity to get special abilities, a special armor set and a special mount for that Covenant. Armor and mount are the cosmetic side of the business, but the skills are a part that will seriously affect the player. Let's briefly talk about each Covenant and briefly explain the capabilities you will have. I will not mention the skills that Covenants give to each class, but only the standard Signature Ability (I will refer to them as special skills hereinafter).

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Bastion is the most glorious, most divine-feeling region among the hereafter. Those who come here are made up of pure souls who have lived a good, clean and righteous life. Here, the souls that pass the necessary tests and level up become Kyrians, who act as the bridge between life and death. The Spirit Healers we saw when we died in Azeroth and the Bearers who took the dead souls and carried them to the Arbiter are members of the Kyrian Covenant.

We are the first to come to Bastion in a long time. In the land we came to meet with the Kyrian leader Archon, we encounter the Kyrian group Forsworn, who did not succeed in cleansing or did not want to leave their past, and this is yet another attack that took place while trying to realize this event.

The special talent of the Bastion region has been my favorite in some ways. Covenant's talent puts at our disposal one of the Stewards, muscular owls who do their best to serve around. Our owl comes with Phial of Serenity, which regenerates 20% health and can remove all debuff effects. In addition, our steward who traveled with us for 4 minutes offers various services. Little things like a small shop where you can shop, the opportunity to change your talents wherever you want, or the ability to play music with an instrument (zurna).

Bastion introductory missions start off very heavily and frankly didn't interest me much. In the words of a friend of mine, she is doing purification tasks like taking a bath in a land like "Techno-smurf village", "Come on mortal!" The story goes slowly and suddenly "Events are happening!" We find ourselves in the middle of the action. Just when we say “something is happening”, other things are happening and we leave the area by saying “Come on, go and research these”.


The Maldaraxxus region at first glance makes us think "This is the place of bad guys". The Necrolord, the warrior force of the Shadowlands, is the land of unyielding and unwavering warriors. Regardless of which tactic is used, there is a survival logic that is strong in a land where absolute victory matters. Here, events are focused entirely on power, independent of good and evil.
In Torghast, you have to choose between special abilities.
The region, where we started from the very beginning by eliminating the rivals in an arena, continues with our encounter with Drakka, the mother of Thrall, and the battle for domination between the most powerful names in the region. The Primus, the leader of the Necrolord, has disappeared, leaving only mysterious notes. In the absence of the leader, two of the 5 houses that had power in the region disappeared during the power struggle and the struggle between the remaining 3 houses continues. We are unwittingly caught in the middle of this war. Necrolord offers us a special skill called "Fleshcraft". The feature that creates a durable shield around 20% of your maximum health can become much stronger. We can also add the essence of the corpses found near us to our shield, and we can have a shield that is as durable as 50% of our lives.

Maldaraxxus generally has a Spartan feel. It's like a paradise for warrior orcs. We may encounter old raid bosses, names we know from stories and NPCs we know from old packages. This is a region where you create different beings by following the notes left by The Primus and trying to enter where we think the weapons are, while throwing slime towards the pool, where you fight to find your place in the arena. I think I liked it more than Bastion.

Night Fae

Ardenweald, a land like the paradise of nature and everything related to it, is also the main region of Night Fae Covenant. The guardian spirits of nature come here when they die and sleep in private gardens. The Anima-fed seeds protect them until they return to rest and serve again until it's time for birth.

The interruption of the Anima flow has dealt a huge blow to Ardenweald. The Winter Queen, the leader of the Night Fae, has to use the remaining anima sparingly, so they have to sacrifice many souls (like Ursoc). An unknown threat emerges, transforming the masks of the residents of the region and becoming a threat to the environment. We are trying to find the source of the threats by helping the local people while trying to meet with the Winter Queen to discuss the events. In the meantime, we can establish a special bond with a seed we encounter and, thanks to Night Fae's special ability, "Soulshape", we can transform our soul into animal form for a short time. In animal form, our movement speed increases by 50% and we can teleport 15 yards forward. At first, we can only take the vulpine form, but in the future, we have the chance to have many different looks such as unicorn, lion, wolf. Couldn't see the squirrel, I hope they add it somewhere.

We work with the heroes of Azeroth to escape The Maw
When you first enter the Ardenweald, it is possible to remember the druid-dense Val'Sharah in the Legion pack. The region looks like a version of the Emerald Dream. Green has been replaced by predominantly blue colors. While some of the missions are quite fun, there are serious parts that describe the invasion of the Drust people that we met with Battle for Azeroth. Ardenweald, which is my favorite region, both in terms of setting and music, is also home to a fantastic mission staging Azeorth's history as a theater play.


Our last Covenant is Venthyr, where the vampire-looking people of the Revendreth region are located. This is the land of souls who have great flaws in their souls such as pride and greed, and therefore come to get rid of their burdens and pay their atonement. Those who come here are one step away from The Maw but have a chance to be rescued. Spirits, who have undergone serious training, can continue to stay here after atone for what they have done, or have the right to move on to another Covenant.

In the last part of the story, we meet the leader of Venthyr, Lord Denathrius, and witness the riots caused by the rebels. The flow of the story changes drastically with the events that take place after we caught one of the leaders of the rebellion by weakening his sins in his face. We learn a lot about why so many animes are gathered, what the purpose of the rebels is, and what all these events have to do with The Jailer.

Exiled to The Maw by the leaders of other Covenants, The Jailer disrupts the Shadowlands' balance by executing a joint plan with many entities, including Sylvanas, to get rid of it.
When we choose the Venthyr Covenant, we have the ability named "Door of Shadows". This ability allows the user to teleport at a short distance. After 1.5 seconds, we can teleport up to 35 yards. It may seem more useless than others, but it is a very effective skill when used to reach certain treasures or pass traps freely.

The Revendreth area is also the home of the Covenant I chose for my Priest character. Here, characters reminiscent of Nosferatu-type vampires draw anima from spirits trying to pay their redemption. Here we cultivate souls with the flaws they had in life. For example, we see Houndmaster Loksey, whom we know from Scarlet Monastery, here facing the dogs with his own weapon. The area reminds me of Suramar and Silvermoon. An impressive city with magnificent towers and castles, and the outskirts of the city are seen in the outskirts of the city, in bad condition, broken willpower, insane people (or in this case thrown souls). One of the biggest reasons that reminded Suramar was that there were crowded enemy groups in the castle area that constantly dropped me from my mount and beat me.

The Period of Repeating the Same Tasks is Over

Those who wrote so much and still talk about tasks, you can relax. After that, we will talk about gameplay and innovations and talk about neither good nor bad. Let's talk about what you need to do to level up your character, what can be done when you reach the last level, and how much the game has improved compared to previous packs.

One of the biggest annoyances of players who developed multiple characters in old packs was replaying story missions over and over. No matter how great the story is, doing the same thing 10 times isn't a very enjoyable job. Shadowlands has provided a solution to this problem. Once you complete the main story and choose the Covenant you want, there is no need to replay the main story with your sub-characters.

The NPC that welcomes you in Oribos the moment you first get rid of The Maw offers two options. If you want, you can replay the main story and continue by gradually opening the regions. While the main story is pretty good in terms of XP and items, when you don't like a region or get bored with its story, you have no chance to move on to move forward. You have to stay there until the story ends. You have to do all the tasks once, but repeating the same place with each character can turn into a pain.

With the Threads of Fate system, the new option that comes with Shadowlands is to skip the entry story directly, open all regions and select the Covenant you want instantly. In this way, you gain Covenant features instantly and you can work in the region you want. Thanks to regional missions like World Quest, you can get xp and do side missions in the region. If you just do the tasks and try to progress, you gain slower XP and fall behind in terms of items, but on the one hand, going into dungeons and on the other hand, skipping the whole roleplay part and getting involved in the events quickly is a nice option.

Muscular owls can even play music

We've completed the main story, reached level 60 and chose our Covenant, what do we do now? Where is the end game we live in Warlords of Dreanor? Will the situation appear in this game? Fortunately, I can say no to this with peace of mind. We will fulfill what members of the Covenant we have chosen from us, increase our reputation and fulfill special duties for Covenant. As these missions come as our dignity grows, not all of them are yet clear, but I can say that they are quite interesting from where I came from. I'm looking forward to the next week.

With our last level character, we will again pursue the World Quest, enter the dungeons, go to The Maw and prevent the Jailer's armies from getting stronger, enter the Tower of the Damned Torghast, free the Runecarver and strive to own the legendary items.

The Maw and the Tower of the Damned Torghast

We return to The Maw several times throughout the story and save various souls. Meanwhile, we learn more about the region and get an ally (partner?). He provides us with some helpful information within Maw and offers a safe space within Maw. When we reach the final level, we go back to the area and start causing trouble in the Jailer's area. In The Maw, we can encounter normal soldiers, elite enemies and rare monsters. In addition, we can reduce high-level equipment by completing activities that are active from time to time. Each enemy drops a certain amount of Stygia, which allows us to buy useful upgrades and items from our partner in Maw, Ve'nari.

Every move we make in The Maw causes us to attract the attention of Jailer. Killing one of his mighty soldiers, doing daily missions that we can find around, and attending big events results in Jailer's eyes to us. At first, only the attention of the watchers is drawn to us, but later on to send assassins after us, to be kidnapped by flying creatures and finally to be crushed under the direct gaze of the Jailer. It would be beneficial not to walk around too much after getting full attention. At this point, we cannot drop items from any event and we start to lose lives constantly. A day later, we forget about us and we can go back and mess up again.
Ardenweald looks great
My biggest complaint about The Maw is mobility. In this zone, your ride refuses to respond to you and so you have to rely entirely on your own pace. In theory, all the characters have to run around, right? But almost every class has the ability to move fast in some way. While the Druid and Shaman classes can constantly travel fast thanks to their own forms, Hunter maintains speed thanks to his ability. While most classes can speed themselves up somewhat, these two classes have a serious advantage. I do not go into the Demon Hunter topic anyway, they can jump to the point you reach in half an hour and go in 10 minutes. Also, the Worgen breed's ability to run on all fours is still active, for a very good reason. It is very frustrating to see someone walking past you on all fours while you try to walk with 20 enemies behind you to catch up with an enemy. I'm jealous, yes. It is said that the mounts that can be used in this area will arrive in the future, but the current distinction is very frustrating.

Tower of the Damned Torghast is a new game in the game. Torghast, which I mentioned before while reviewing the alpha version, has a full roguelike game atmosphere. Every time we enter, we try to get to the top of our field and defeat our strong opponent with the changing map and class-specific abilities. Here, we can both collect the necessary materials for legendary equipment and earn things such as toys, mounts and pets. Although it sounds quite easy at first, you start to have difficulties on the 3rd floor. We have a certain number of deaths in the tower and if we exceed this number, The Tarragrue will appear. This gigantic friend appears at the entrance of our floor and slowly comes towards us. Since we die the moment we are caught, all we can do is escape to the next floor. Honestly, I loved Torghast and it is very enjoyable to try how many floors I can go with different characters. If you want, you can also enter as a party and the difficulty varies accordingly. My biggest problem with Torghast is that it doesn't have the right music for a place to spend a lot of time with. One of the most important aspects of Roguelike games is the beautiful music of the parts you play over and over again. Let it be that much trouble now.

Manrik's Wife Found After Years!

It has been a very long review and I am well aware of it. But there are many things I haven't told yet. Let's take a brief look at the features we will encounter with World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

Dungeons are very enjoyable (De Other Side was my favorite in terms of the information and characters it contains) and it is a nice feature that we have special abilities according to the Covenant we chose. Mythic + and Raids have not been unlocked yet, anyway I could not see them even if they were unlocked because not everyone could reach the required equipment level. We will review those parts later.

It is a very good feature to make it easier and more effortless to gain your alt characters and to be included in the Covenant you are curious about faster. Side missions and World Quest content are better than previous games. There were bugs like World Quest, where many players died due to suddenly missing wings while flying over Ardenweald in the first week, but they were fixed quickly. (It was raining actors from the sky, it was a fun event to watch actually)

Although it is a 16-year-old game, let's not go without mentioning how beautiful it looks. I spend time in Bastion and Ardenweald districts to stop and watch around. After choosing a side, I was afraid that we would not be able to enter the other regions. Fortunately, there is no such situation and I can travel as I want.

It is a very nice feeling to see the old names that appear as a raid boss in the Decimator Olgra (Manrik's wife), Zul’Jin, Hogger, Manastorm couple and Burning Crusade supplement. It is both nice and risky to know that with Shadowlands, we can see many old characters as friends or foes. For example, I wonder if they will do anything about Grom Hellscream. Alternative time content seems to have complicated this topic.

Covenant choices have a huge impact on the role you play. This can mean that you may be forced by your guild to choose a side even if you don't want to.

The classes seem quite balanced for now, and I was a bit worried as they were trying to break the balance in Battle for Azeroth and collect them with the items we bought. We will see the real difference when the raids are opened, but it looks good for now. For now, however, I feel like our character is getting weaker as they level up because of level scaling. I get depressed when I hit 3000 at 59 level and 2400 at 60 level. As the items evolve, they get better.

It is annoying to have to choose a Covenant even though you don't like it because of the advantages of Covenant skills. There is not only Covenant abilities, but also the Soulbind system, where you gain extra features when you connect your soul. I haven't gone into much detail as it's not all clear yet, but you have to do it right in order to deliver the best performance. There will certainly be serious pressure within the guild. I do not know what kind of regulation can be made for this.