XCom 2 Collection iOS review

The XCom 2 Collection, which is highly acclaimed with its turn-based gameplay, has appeared on mobile platforms this time. Publisher: 2K Games. Platforms: Android, iOS, PC

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XCom 2 Collection iOS review

The turn-based strategy game XCom 2 Collection has brought the control of the team to our fingertips with the iOS version.it happened. Let's see how the game we tested on both iPhone and iPad has changed on the mobile platform.


- More enjoyable with touchscreen
- Enemy types
- Fun combat strategies
- Character and base customizations


- Frame problem
- Targeting shortage continues

You actually understand how the world is in a mess from the very first video of the game. The aliens, whom we have fought hard before, appear before us as they continue to run for their own purposes. We are trying to get the XCom team back on their feet and continue our operations, which received great blows but had no intention of giving up.

Of course, this change of the story has changed the roles a little in terms of gameplay. Now we are on the attacking side, and most of the operations proceed this way. We rescue a kidnapped person, infiltrate the bases under the control of aliens, and try to dodge the obstacles we encounter. Speaking of privacy, the strategy part comes to the fore quite a lot here. If you make a wrong move, especially in the sections where you need to proceed in this way, you can find yourself in the middle of a big blockade. This makes it very likely that you will encounter a farewell that you will never want.

XCom 2 Task process progresses in sections. In other words, after each mission, your home base returns and after you perform operations such as the team, ammunition selection and update, you set out for the next mission. As you improve your base, you open the door to new formations and updates with the radio towers. Base development has also become very enjoyable thanks to the touch screen. It has a Shelter game logic in itself and you spend a considerable amount of time here. Of course, along with the development part, the classes your soldiers have are also of great importance for your strategy. I usually add a class that is an expert in bomb throwers, heavy weapons, as well as Support, which offers more improvement and support to the team, and of course the Specialist class, which is master in remotely interfering with events. You can customize your own team according to your strategy and of course your business style. The fact that each class has its own distinct features diversifies the conflict dynamics.

Of course, you need to pay attention to the classes and types of the competitors you encounter with. After playing for a while, you start to figure out which class is very dangerous and how you should intervene. In this solving period, the important thing is to be able to pass the sections with minimum damage. At some points, I have to say that difficult struggles are waiting for you.

As I mentioned at the beginning, XCom 2 has a turn-based gameplay. So you have to follow both your and your opponents' moves as if you were in a chess game. While the wrong moves you make hit the team, the right steps you take can enable you to overcome the conflicts that will last for minutes in a very short time. It is very important to determine the positions of the characters in the game area and which class you will position on the map.

After the main dynamics, let's move on to the mobile version of the game and its graphic style. First of all, as I said, I tried the game on both iPhone and iPad. Visually it looks pretty good on both. Although I play the iPad version on a 7th generation model, I should also mention that they have some problems with the frame. It is very fluent in some moments, but in some missions you play the game with 20-25 frames. I can say that this slightly undermines your enjoyment visually. Apart from that, I have to say that it is technically pleasing for the mobile platform in terms of gameplay details and visuality.

Of course, the biggest advantage of the mobile platform comes with its touch feature. Playing this type of turn-based game on touch made the overall structure of the game more enjoyable. You can fully control the map or character positions with the touch screen. In addition, I can say that the class features, accessing the attack menus and the choices you make among them are more effective thanks to the touch screen. It is very pleasant to play and control.

As a result, the mobile version of XCom 2 Collection has successfully transferred a process that has already proven itself to mobile platforms. The biggest handicap of the game in our country, of course, lies in its pricing due to the exchange rate. If you love the genre, if you liked the PC versions of the series, or if you have enjoyed the mobile version of the first XCom game before, I can say that it is a game you should not miss.